Every neighborhood is unique, and so is every person.  We all have needs based on who we are and the community in which we live.  We believe that each person has been uniquely created with a need to know God individually and a need to draw together with others who are getting to know Him better also.

     There is absolutely nothing better than knowing, loving, and serving Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. In Him God made us, and through Him God rescues us! Think about it: do you put your trust in man, self, money, stuff? Jesus calls to you; believe and follow Him with your whole heart and life.

     At CityView Baptist Church, we offer to the curious a safe place to ask questions and find answers in the Bible.  We offer the Jesus-follower a family that equips, strengthens, encourages one another as we serve others in our city and worship our great God together.