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America’s urban areas provide windows to all the world.
We believe we can reach the world through our city.

The Winton Manor is a high rise a short walk from where we meet for church on Sundays. In early March of 2010, we were invited to begin Thursday afternoon Bible studies in the building. Our studies have been regularly attended by 10 to 15 residents as well as visitors from CityView, and we are excited to see a growing number of Winton Manor residents come to worship with us on Sunday mornings.

The Allerton is another high-rise building within walking distance of our church’s Sunday location. The building is home to hundreds of residents including numerous single mothers and young children. The building owners have renovated a room on the 17th floor for CityView to use for various classes for families. We had our kick-off reception at the Allerton in mid-March of 2010 and continue to meet there at various times throughout the year. We are thankful that several Allerton residents have also begun to join us on Sundays!

Perk Park is a small green space central to our outreach ministry. Throughout the year we outreach to our downtown community at this park, organizing sports events and distributing snacks. Keep an eye on our Facebook page or the postings on our church doors for updates on what’s happening at Perk.

A few memebers of our ministry team have been trained in English as a Second Language (ESL) and are prepared to assist those learning English as opportunities open to us.