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Every neighborhood is unique, and so is every person. We all have needs based on who we are and the community in which we live. We believe that each person has been uniquely created with a need to know God individually and a need to draw together with others who are getting to know Him better also.

CityView is a Jesus-centered, gospel-driven church in downtown Cleveland. Believers from diverse backgrounds unite in worship, study the Scriptures, and fellowship and pray as family. CityView maintains a focus on evangelism and discipleship that prioritizes the downtown community, especially the undervalued. As God leads, we seek to both expand and form partnerships resulting in the establishment of like-minded ministries throughout Cleveland’s neighborhoods and around the world.

See you in Cleveland.

Sundays, 9:30a & 11a
1701 E 13th St
Cleveland, OH 44114

(216) 544-1684